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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Enjoy this special time with your family&friends!!! And don't forget to be awesome!!! :D

xoxo Mags

Roller Disco

When I first time saw this video clip in 1998 I thought how cool it would be to go to the roller disco! :D
And here I am, 16 years later....

Dreams DO come true!

Born to be kings!

Hello guys! Are you ready for Christmas? Can you believe that just 11 days left till Christmas?!!! And 7 working days for me :D
Yesterday I've been trying to put my Xmas tee's still in a pieces, haha! :P But I will write about that, and all Christmas preparation in next week.

Today I would like to present you one of my music inspiration!

I love music!!! It has always been like that.
One of the firstartist that I loved for their work was Freddie Mercury&Queen band.  It might sounds bizarre but I remember that day when they said in TV news that Freddie died. I was 5 years old. They showed, I believe ,the latest video clip with him ( something on the railroad tracks ) and then I thought: ''that's not Freddie, Freddie has mustache"  Well, unfortunately it was Freddie :/ But for me he is still alive and I can still draw my inspiration from his songs!
"Here we are, born to be kings
We're the princes of the universe..."

I always wanted to be a beautician

I remember it was a time when I wanted to be a beautician. My aunt had a beauty salon at home , and every time , I was visiting her house I was imagine my self in that white room with plenty of cosmetics and different devices designedto beautifywomen. 
AlthoughI didn't becomea beautician I still have that strong feeling I could definitely do that for living :D

xoxo Mags

There is no such thing as a bad day when you have pet!!!.....

....and when you have 2 or more pets your life is just craaazy! Ladies and gentlemen I present you  my first ''dragon'' Lili. :D  Lili is very vocal!!! Specially in the morning , when we are still in the bed!

My second ''dragon'' Kali , can't sing ( thank God!!!) but she's extra cute! 

Love your pet!


My Break Dance :D

Smile :D
xoxo Mags

Halloween party!

I guess , I can say that I'm fully recover after Saturday Halloween party , because I'm starting to plan another one! :D And finally my Halloween make-up in fully gone! Label said: easy to remove! Yeah....not really! Haha ;)

Thanks to: Skeletons, Spanish Armada and Caesars for coming to the Halloween party! It was a great fun! And well done to everybody for making the afford to come to the party dressed-up!!!    Guinness cake, wheel of fear, pizza and alcohol - the best recipe for a cool party ;P

PS:  Big applause to my beloved husband who decided to shave his head and beard just for this party!!! Now you look like a cancer patient.... but I still love you! Haha! You are the best! ♥

Because I got high, because I got high....

I did it! I did it not because I got high, haha! :)I did it because it was on my dream list! :D

 Over 5 hoursat the hairdresser and 172 braids!!! They are sooo long and so heavy! But I love it! The best things is , I had a few wrinkles on my forehead but I don't have it anymore! Braids are pulling my head and face! Isn't it amazing? LOL!
My next dream is to not get bald after I will get rid of it! Haha
What do you think about my new look?  Share your opinion. 
Bad comments will be removed! :D:D:D
xoxo Mags


For the last week we have guested Joanna , our friend from high school who lives in Malta. Finally we convinced Joanna to visit us in Dublin. We haven't seen each other since our short trip to Malta back in 2012. But these days all you need is facebook to keep in touch with anybody from every part of the planet earth!
Anyway, it was fun week but I'm glad is over! LOL! Thanks Joanna for the beautiful gifts, sore throat and runny nose!  Hope to visit you in 2015!!! :D I already checked the flight! ;)
xoxo Mags

How to turn wounds into wisdom?

Yesterday I realized something. It was so obvious , but I think I was hiding that from myself for a long , long time. I thoughtthat if I would behave in the way that everything is ok, finally it will be ok. But yesterday the truth hit me straight in to my face. 
80% of my free time I spend for personal development. And that's great because I know why I feel the way I do. I know why I'm angry with myself, why I envy ,why I'm anxious or scared or I don't appreciate myself. I've been trying different things and I came so far but still, I don't feel good with myself and that's what make me unhappy inside. 
Few days ago I came across the following article which made me I can start to love myself? How I can be polite to myself, more forgiving , and finally appreciate who I really am.
I had promised myself I will focus more on what's NOW ra…

Back on track

The last few days were very hard for me. Life has knocked me down and suddenly everything seemed so meaningless. I experienced sadness and failure and I couldn't motivate myself to do anything. But I believe that everything happens for a reason , so I will stay strong. 
Today is my birthday and I have just one wish.
 I wish myself, I could always bravely walked through life no matter what!

Zip Lining with friends

Great Sunday full of fun and laugh in the Zipit Forest Anventures!!! :D

At the beginning the instructor gave us a short initiation course and then all fun began :) There are five different circuits, with each circuit getting a little bit more challenging than the previous one.  We started from orange circuit , which is intermediate. That was our warm up :D After that I was ready to challenge myself on the blue circuit. One obstacle was really hard for me! It's called a monkey bridge. The bridge was very wobbly and at some point I thought I won't make it! The windswayedthe bridge and I got stuck :/ Fortunately Bart was just behind me and he motivates me to don't give up. Honestly I had noother choice, I had to go ahead, hehe :D
And here is Bart on the red circuit. It was extra hard and extra high!  Well done Bart!

If you want to challenge yourself physically and break the fear of height ,I really recommend it! It is a fun for whole family , not just for adults.
Check the webs…

How to stay positive when your life sucks???

I guess everybody has sometimes bad days, when you feel everything sucks, and you wish to vanish. Sometimes it just hard to stop worrying and think positively, but this dose not mean we have tosurrender and cry all day long. So how to stay positive when you fell your life sucks? When I'm in a bad mood and I want to cheer myself up: 1.I speak to my friends 2. I listen tomy favourite songs 3. I take a long bath 4. I look for some funny picture on the internet 5. I spend time with my parrots :) 6. I think about what I accomplished so far 7. I go to the bed  ( sometimes it is the best way to stop thinking ) 8. I watch some funny vine's

And what do you do to stay positive if you have a bad day? Please, share your ideas with me :) xoxo Mags

Our 6th wedding anniversary

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! 6 years?! Can you imagine?? Time is flying! 
I can only say I LOVE YOU BART! And I wish us many happy days and lots of wonderfulyears together!

Time to pack the bags and hit the road for holidays!
With love - Mags

Colour Dash

Saturday morning - 5k run for The Irish Cancer Society.

Two of us plus three thousands of enthusiastic walkers, joggers and runners!  Five kilometers on which you were getting absolutely battered with different colors.
1 - Yellow: Lung Cancer 2 - Green: Bowel Cancer 3 - Blue: Cancer Survivorship 4 - Bright green: Prostate Cancer 5 - Pink: Breast Cancer
It was a great fun!!! :D

I'm so happy and proud of us! :) xoxo Mags

Look Up

Few weeks ago this video was very popular on the Youtube and Facebook as well. It got me inspired for my new project! I realized that I had a lot of people on my Facebook list with whom I don't have any contact any more. More then half of the list are people I haven't seen since grade school, or in the best case since high school :/ What a pity!
 I decided , that in every week I will send short message to one randomly chosen person. The message will content some positive memory I share with that person.
Maybe it will change nothing , but it will give my some sort of feeling that we are more then just the name and pretty picture on the web.

xoxo Mags

Do it for the vine Kali!

I need to say, I'm a big fan of ''do it for the vine'' :D  Every times I feel down, after watching some funny episodes on the YouTube I have a bettermood :D
Today I dared to do my own vine. Kali was helping me ;P ♥

Don't forget to..... smile! :D
xoxo Mags

I'm grateful

Saturday evening. I'm driving my car with my best friend. We are coming back form dinner. Suddenly we pass a house with white fence. It is the very first house that I used to lived when I came to Ireland for the first time 7 years ago! So many memories, so many things changed from that time. I met so many people, I visited so many countries , I found a great job, I got married and I become a mum for two wonderful and cheeky parrots hehe :) I'm grateful for all the things that happened to me in Ireland. I love this country and I can say that Ireland became my second home!

Be grateful for all you have! xoxo Mags

Golden Boy

It was a very sad and stressful week for both of us:/ Driving today to work I was thinking about my husband , how much he loves me and cares about me, and I decided to write about him♥
We've been together for ten years, and every time I have a problem ( and it happens often!) he is always there for me. I can be in a very bad mood, I can feel hopeless and depressed but he is the one who can comfort me. He is always patient , even at 2am he still listens to my crying voice.  I remember ( that might seems funny now, but back then it wasn't at all! ) when I ate a hash cookie in Amsterdam and short after I had got a massive panic attack , and Bart was ( baked as well ;P ) keeping me alive.
We experiencedmany things together, some of them were just crazy and some of them were sad :/ but I know all good things are stillahead of us!

I love you so so much! ♥ 
xoxo Mags

Plan your day

What a busy week! I managed to do so many things thanks to the list I'm doing every evening. I think it's a great idea to write down the things you want to do the next day. For me that works just perfect! I always want to do so many things but can't decide what to do first and as result I do nothing :/  But since Bart gave my this idea ( and the notebook ) my day is more effective! :D


We had guests since last Thursday . Patrick - my husbands brother came to visit us with his girlfriend Wera. We had a very nice time together. The best day was on Sunday. After Saturdays party we stayed in bed till late :D Then we went to Bray for coffee and ice-creams. There was a funfair by the coast and we decided to go for a ride. That was fun! After that we went for a dinner to Johnnie Fox's restaurant. I really like the atmosphere down there :D And the dinner was gorgeous!

Today Patrick and Wera went back to Krakow in Poland , and I need to say that I already miss then :( It was a great week guys! 

Thank you very much and hope to see you in May in Poland! 
xoxo Mags

10 painfully obvious truths everyone forget to soon

Yesterday I came across a very interesting article on the website. It is called ''10 painfully obvious truths everyone forget to soon''. You can find a link to that website at the bottom of this post.
Two things intrigued me the most:
1. Being busy does not mean being productive.
I always thought that when I'm busy it means that I'm doing something good with my life. For me ,being not busy means being lazy. As simple as that. I could feel  frustrated very often, because I didn't have any plans for the evening, day or a weekend. But on the other hand, when I was busy I felt tired and overwhelmed.
Yesterday I realized that I don't need to be busy all the time, and in fact '' busyness isn't a virtue nor is it something to respect'' So take your time and relax Mags. No one is standing behind you with a whip and pushing you to squeeze all the juice from the day.
2.Some people are simply the wrong match for you.
For the most part of my life…

Every day can be spacial

I always wait for something special to happen ,but then I forgot about simple truth -> Every day can be special, and positive. No need to wait for something to happen, because it's happening all the time :) Life is happening now!

My first experience with Crossfit

OMG! First I thought that I will puke, then I will pass out and finally I die. That was sooo tough!!! But I made it and now I feel like a million dollars! :) I want to sing Destiny's child song '' I'm a survivor...'' :D
Any plans for tomorrow? Yes ,just one. Buy the wheelchair or zimmer frame ;p
Stay fit :D
 xoxo  Mags

Thank you!

I'm always stressed out and I'm worry about the parking space in front of my work.
Recently they build recycling station for xmas trees on that parking and now it's very hard to find parking space , because half of the parking is unavailable :/ So yesterday I went to the car park and I saw there is no single place to squeeze my little blue car. Shit! There was no space on the side road as well, so I decided to wait few minutes and see what happens. Happily one lady was going to leave the spot. Yeah! It was worth to wait :) In the way to the parking meter the very same lady opened her car window and asked me if I want to use her ticket. Hell yeah! :D The ticket was paid till 1 pm which was just perfect because I always park till 1pm :D Happy day!

Never give up!

I was off today and I had planned this day from Wednesday but something went wrong. Normally after that I would stayed at home all day, cry and feel sorry for myself ,but today I did something opposite which made me very happy and proud :D I tried to not give up and despite the difficulties I saved the day!  I went to the city centre and I got few cool stuff for myself. Now after Xmas lots of things are on sale. I absolutely love sales!!! :D
One of the thingsthat I bought today werepostcards. A month ago I got involve in postcrossing  and now I getting postcards and sending them to people from around the wold randomly picked by the system. I think it's a pretty cool idea and you can also make new friends :D I love it! 
Never give up!!! Mags

Happy New Year!!!

Ok, let's get started! Welcome everybody to my new blog. I'm very excited about this project , and scared at the same time, because I know it won't be easy to keep myself motivated but I promise to do my best and regularly add new positive posts :)
I wish you all the best in 2014 and I hope this year will be filled with lots of positive thoughtsand events!
Happy New Year!!!

xoxo Mags