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Fuck all expectations

I've never been on a three-month holidays so I have no idea what I should take with me. How many nail polishes? Which dresses? How many pairs of shorts, skirts, bikinis?!!!
And when I was thinking about all those trivial things, it hit me.
I have some many expectations about that trip that I forgot why we are doing it at the first place!
I have that whole big fat plan in my head about what I should do on my holidays:

* write a book
* blogging
* read a dozen books
* record songs
* going to the gym
* get pregnant
* find out what I want do do with my life
* make some awesome pictures
* gain popularity on Youtube...

and so on.....

And then I realized that I caught myself up in the same life I'm leaving right now. And the whole point was to do something different. To live day by day.

Planning and expectations , expectations and planning and even more expectations. For what? To prove myself that I'm cool, that I'm good enough or I'm worth something because I have a milli…

Summer in Ireland

Summer is my best season :) I just love Summer! It's nice and warm outside , days are long, greengrocers are full of summer fruit , and what is more important ,you can finally wear those denim shorts you got it on sale last year!!! Whoop! Whoop! ;) 
I like to shop in Summer season when store shelves are filled with flowery sandals and hangers are full off colorful clothes.  Generally everything is better in Summer. My skin tone is nicer , my mood, my legs ( because I need to shave it on every second day ). Just my wallet suffers constantly, but how you can resist new bikini or another pair of sunglasses??? You can't! Haha :P
Great weather does not happen often here in Ireland, but when it dose,  I try to make the best of it!

xoxo Mags

Real body

We have wrinkles under the eyes. We have spots on our faces and blackheads on our noses. We have few grey hairs. We have marks and scars, and our bodies are far from word ''hairless'' , but that's ok, because we are not robots, neither plastic dolls.

We are human beings. And we were born to be real, not to be perfect.



Work Song

Hi guys!
Yesterday was a big day for me! My next dream came true! I went to the studio to record a song!!!  How cool is that?!!! :D  I got the voucher for Christmas from my husband,  2 hours vocal experience in a real recording studio. At first I was terrified with that idea because I wasn't sure if I'm good enough for it, but on the other hand, I was very excited to hear how my voice will sound in a studio with professional musical arrangements. 
So when I finally decided on which song I'll sing, I was working hard to sound good when the time comes ;)

Dream BIG! :D
xoxo Mags