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Easter is coming!

Well....I know there is a few good weeks to Easter, but when it gets brighter outside I'm starting to think about my favourite holiday and my favourite season - Spring :D 
I love when the Sun is waking me up in the morning ,like today, when the birds are singing outside the window and seagulls shit on my car. Ah..... " What a wonderful woooorld" ♫ ♫ ♫ The days are getting longer and there is more energy and ideas to implement.
One evening I had the idea to make Easter cards for my family. They were so easy to make, so I decided to share with you that simple concept.

Enjoy! :D

xoxo Mags

In my little prison - Overthinking and Perfectionism

I wake up in the morning and thousands of thoughts run through my head.
Should I do this or that? Should I make a breakfast or do the laundry? Maybe will be better if I do this first , then that, and that...
I plan my whole day long before I get out of bed. I haven't done anything yet and I'm already tired!
What to do? What to say? What to buy? What would be the best for me and people around me?
 Sometimes it's so difficult to make a decision!
Why? Because I always want to make the right one. I also worry what other people might think. I always look for hidden meanings in conversation, pick apart all details ,what triggers a cascade of thoughts.  I am pretty sure that if I would act instead of thinking and trying to be perfect,  much more things could be done and created by now.
Overthinking is not productive and it does not do me any good. In fact, it holds me back from being spontaneous and creative.
So get out of your head and trust your gut! - I say to myself - because how…