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Hidden ge(r)ms

Second Hand shops once again proved their worth!  You'd be surprised how good quality children's clothes can be found there. I was very surprised! 
From time to time I visit second hand shops but I've never paid attention to children's sections. Till now. Recently I got so many baby clothes that we needed to buy a new chest of drawers for all that stuff! And I need to say, they are as good as new. Ha! Or even better because for that price you can't go wrong.
Children's clothes are usually sold three pieces for €1! Which is ridiculous because I'm talking here about clothes from such brands like Next, Mama&Papas , Mothercare, H&M or Zara. 

So here I am, with drawers full of clothes for our baby girl who is still in my belly :P  Till May though! :) ♥♥♥
xoxo Mags

Seeking for help is not a shame

When you feel depressed, worthless or hopeless, chatting with a friend might be simply not enough.

In my experience, people around us are often not able to help us when we are depressed , because they don't now how /they also are going through some rough shit right now or struggling with unresolved issues from the past.
Note! Saying:

 "I feel the same."

" It's no big deal, I was going through the worst stuff. "

 "Everything will be ok, you'll see." somebody who is reaching out for your help, is the worst things you can ever say!!!

Life those days might be overwhelming for most of us. With all that pressure we are putting on ourselves, sometimes is really hard to cope with everyday tasks.

In my opinion,  if you are going to get some professional help , you already made a huge step forward in improving quality of your life!

It's not easy to open up to a person you practically don't know and talk about your problems, fears and worries.…

Cheers to another awesome year!!!

Year 2015 was absolutely extraordinary!!!  No, wait a minute...let me start again.
We made year 2015 absolutely extraordinary!!! :D:D:D
We've been bold, brave and fearless in order to pursue our wildest dreams! We travelled to -> USA <- , spent 3 months in  -> Gran Canaria <-, we developed our passions and achieve personal goals. :D 
You can read about my biggest achievement -> here <-.  And if you like to hear me singing -> just click here <-
And if that would be not enough, we brought Canarian Princess from our latest trip ♥♥♥

We are waiting for you baby girl to join our Kick-Ass team! :p

Year 2015 was truly amazing!!! And there is more to come in 2016 :D
What I would like to focus on in this year? Well...I will continue what I started few year ago, which is becoming my greatest version and make my dreams come true!
  I also want to learn how to say at loud what I really mean , express my opinion regardless of the opinions of others. So help me God becaus…