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Zip Lining with friends

Great Sunday full of fun and laugh in the Zipit Forest Anventures!!! :D

At the beginning the instructor gave us a short initiation course and then all fun began :) There are five different circuits, with each circuit getting a little bit more challenging than the previous one.  We started from orange circuit , which is intermediate. That was our warm up :D After that I was ready to challenge myself on the blue circuit. One obstacle was really hard for me! It's called a monkey bridge. The bridge was very wobbly and at some point I thought I won't make it! The windswayedthe bridge and I got stuck :/ Fortunately Bart was just behind me and he motivates me to don't give up. Honestly I had noother choice, I had to go ahead, hehe :D
And here is Bart on the red circuit. It was extra hard and extra high!  Well done Bart!

If you want to challenge yourself physically and break the fear of height ,I really recommend it! It is a fun for whole family , not just for adults.
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How to stay positive when your life sucks???

I guess everybody has sometimes bad days, when you feel everything sucks, and you wish to vanish. Sometimes it just hard to stop worrying and think positively, but this dose not mean we have tosurrender and cry all day long. So how to stay positive when you fell your life sucks? When I'm in a bad mood and I want to cheer myself up: 1.I speak to my friends 2. I listen tomy favourite songs 3. I take a long bath 4. I look for some funny picture on the internet 5. I spend time with my parrots :) 6. I think about what I accomplished so far 7. I go to the bed  ( sometimes it is the best way to stop thinking ) 8. I watch some funny vine's

And what do you do to stay positive if you have a bad day? Please, share your ideas with me :) xoxo Mags

Our 6th wedding anniversary

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! 6 years?! Can you imagine?? Time is flying! 
I can only say I LOVE YOU BART! And I wish us many happy days and lots of wonderfulyears together!

Time to pack the bags and hit the road for holidays!
With love - Mags