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With Baby Jesus in Shopping Mall

What's the true meaning of Christmas?
Recently I came across a picture of one of Banksy's graffiti, showing crucified Jesus Christ holding in his hands full bags of Christmas shopping.  My reaction was immediate. This image fascinated me in an instant because I realized how true this picture was! 
It seems like nowadays Christmas is all about shopping, starting of  buying gifts for our relatives, modern gadgets/toys for kids and new clothes for ourselves ( because you can't wear the same dress from last year on your Xmas party!!!) 
Then when it comes to food we go crazy mad about it! We stuffing our fridges to the brim , like there was a serious threat of nuclear attack! Ha! Not to mention that our stomach will suffer 100 times more then our fridge ,when all the food, sooner or later ,will end up in your mouth! :P
So what's Christmas all about?
My first guesses are:
* presents * food * Christmas rush
Well, that looks pretty shallow, right? But when I think more about it,  …

I saw an Angel!!!

Hi guys!  Have a beautiful Christmas and have fun during this festive season!!!
And remember , miracles happen! An Angel just paid me a visit. LOL! :D

xoxo Mags

Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, 
This year I made specially for you this secret passage, so you can't make any excuses that you couldn't get in! I think that the fireplace is large enough for you to get fit with a big bag of gifts!!!! Do not let me down!!! :P

PS: You know very well that I eat healthy and that's why by the fireplace I leave fruits for you instead of cookies.
You're welcome! :P

xoxo Mags

The art of being yourself

I watch all this cool people on Youtube, on the other side of my computer screen , and very often thoughts like such hunt me:
* I wish I could have her/his confidence , charm, beauty, cleverness , incredible personality....
* I wish I could speak English like she does
* I wish I could be that funny with beautiful white teeth, or at least have that great camera!!! 
But if I would have all this qualities would I still be me?

In the world where being a part of any community looks like it's a must , sometimes I also get that need to belong somewhere/ be like somebody else, forgetting that life is more interesting when you do things in your own way, rather than being a part of one social mind who thinks and makes decisions for you. 

The Magic of Christmas

December it's a very specific month where people who celebrate Christmas go crazy mad about Christmas presents! We buy stuff for our family and friends , the same stuff which will be on sale on 26th! Haha! But who would like to wait till after Christmas for its presents? Definitely not ME! The most important is to find a gift under the Xmas tree on 24th or early in the morning on 25th. Tired, sweaty in crowded shopping centres looking for gifts for our loved ones. Prise does not matter! ;) 
This is the magic of Christmas. 

 By the time when the last piece of Xmas wrap falls on the floor, most of us will end up with another pair of warm Christmas socks ;P