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Our last day - 88

We just came back from the beach and it seems like I don't need even bother to pack my summer clothes back to Dublin!  Bye, bye flip-flops. Tomorrow I will exchange you for warm shoes and winter hat.

The best holidays ever!!!
xoxo Mags

Day 87

Dear Diary,

Our big adventure in Las Palmas is nearly finish. Tomorrow is our last day :( I can't believe how fast these three months went by! It was an amazing experience to live our dream life. No hassle, no rush, just excellent weather ( mostly :P ) , beach, sea , delicious food ,and of course beautiful people we met! Our budget shrunk "a little" during these three months, but no money is too big for what we experienced! I will definitely miss Las Palmas, in particular I'll miss our new friends, and I hope we'll see you again some day!!! Muchas gracias for everything!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
with love, Mags

Day 81

Haha! What do you think about my new tattoo? :P
xoxo Mags

Day 79

Today our friends took us for a mission in the mountains to collect chestnuts. We were cold as fuck, but it was fun. :)

I didn't know that chestnuts can be eaten straight from the tree! And there are so delicious!!!

xoxo Mags

Day 78

OMG! Just 10 days left! Time to get the most of it! :D Lay on the beach till sunstroke, swim in the sea up to the point when all your body is covered with wrinkles, and finally ,drink and eat till stomach aches! Haha!

xoxo Mags

Day 76

I have a friend. Her name is Paola. I met her in Las Palmas. She barley speaks English. I can't speak Spanish, beside few words , but somehow we get along. She talks to me in Spanish, I talk to her in English and we always found some common ground - common words that are similar to those two languages. But when it comes to Crossfit, we understand each other without any words! We just need to look at each other and we know that now is the time to skip few reps or run a few meters less :D


Day 72

Sun, sun, sun.....We had even shorten our daily sunbathing time because simply is too hot for us! But on the other hand we don't need that much sun anymore, because at this stage we are as black as Michael Jackson in his good days :P
xoxo Mags

Day 70

Days just fly! OMG I can't believe that less than 3 weeks left for us! Soon enough we'll be flying home :( Big apology to all my fans ( especially my two moms! ) for not posting any photos. Sorry guys but I had a good reason! And the reason was hosting a guest. By the way, so many of our friends were planning to visit us and none of them did so! Shame on you guys! Such an opportunity may never repeat! :P Only the most unexpected people visited us - my brother with wife and Bart's brother - Patrick ,which we hosted till today.

And one more time....just let me take a selfie :D

xoxo Mags

Day 62

Another idyllic day in Las Palmas :D

The challenge for today was to catch the fish. Unfortunately we both failed :P

xoxo Mags