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I still can't wrap my head around it! How the hell I became a full-time student?! I didn't plan it, that's for sure. But I got this idea, in the back of my head and then I sent an email, went for an interview and bum! I'm a Fashion Styling student :D

Let's go back to the day I went for another interview. It was a job interview for an office assistant after which I knew I don't want to spend my whole day in front of the desk, answering phones and dealing with complaints and queries. No! No! No! I felt it in every part of my body, I don't want to stay here. I don't wanna do what I was doing before either. I lost my enthusiasm although I was pretty sure that I'm going in the right direction.

I got an extra push from my career counselor and I sent an email to college with the question if I can still apply for this year although the course has started already. On the next day, I went for an interview, showed my artwork and became a Fashion student. I cri…


I've got a child bike seat and now I'm cycling with Zoe. It's fun although the cycling season is almost over!

I will better shop for wellington shoes for her. And maybe for myself as well! :D


I sit on the sunbed, one I bought 2 years ago and I listen to the sound of the ocean. It feels like we have never left this place. Just our apartment is better. We swapped bin view (#budgettravel ) for the ocean view (#bigspenders ).  And Canarian Princess is now with us. Finally at home. ;)
We wander around the streets and refresh our memories about things we have done and food we have eaten during the time we lived here. And we are doing so well with our Spanglish! 


I'm changing my profession. I've decided that yesterday.

When I was a kid, I liked to pretend I work in an office. I answer phones calls and I sign ''documents''. I had some old stamps and I used to stamp them on each piece of paper and practice my signature.
So I guess,  I can say I have some experience :D


I have trained myself to not complain out loud.
I'm astonished by the results.


Somehow I feel very, very positive about my future job. I'm still on the job-hunt thou ;)

The summer holidays are close. Looking forward to meet our Canarian friends. And to visit all those familiar places.


Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! I feel that I neglected today's day :/ Lately I've been quite busy. And tired.

I also got job refusal today. Twice! I'm not worried tho. Too tired to be worried.


There has been some ups and downs. One day I think I can! Then I wake up and I'm not so sure about it.
I have been frustrated, disappointed, angry. I guess I went through all shades of self-doubt. But you know what? I'm not worried about it because it all brings me closer to clarity.

I'm not 100% sure what I want, but I can see general idea how I want my life to look like. I'm getting there.Whatever "there" is, ha!

I'm happy. Life keeps me happy. And things are always working out for me.


Life keeps me entertained. But the quest for a dream job is still on.
I've destroyed my old journals today. Deliberately. And I feel lighter by 5 years.


I have just sent my first job application.


I've promised myself that after holidays I will start to look for a new job. And now I feel stressed by the fact that my vacations are over! But first, I need to unpack our suitcases and clean after dinner. That should give me some time to think what kind of job I'm going to look for. Haha.


Life is good. Last Sunday we've been celebrating Zoe's first bee-day. It was fun :D So many peoples in such a small living room! And now we are preparing for our first summer holidays.
Life is good.


I feel audacious those days. I turned down a job offer in a brand new gym, literally 2 minutes walk from the place where I live. Yesterday I quit my current job, and now I'm going to join the gym where I didn't want to work, behind my building. Should I be crying of laughing? LoL
And then I have this feeling that everything is going to be alright.


Happy birthday Zoe! You just turned one, two hours ago!
Since you were born my all tops are overstretched ( your little hands are always on the mission to find a milky boob ) and those with long sleeves are decorated with your snots.
Life with you Zoe is fun! ♥

 I've made a big decision today. I'm not coming back to my old job.


There are few things going on right now. There is a headless doll waiting to be fixed, Zoe's first birthday party to be organized with  DIY bee - day decorations, and my daily work to which I supposed to returned...

My parental leave is almost finished! I'm scared to even think about it!
So do I need to go back to work, now when I started to enjoy being a mom? Could I stay at home instead and get paid for it? Get paid for raising an emotionally stable, happy, brave and independent to some extent human being who will inspire others and soon enough pay taxes? 
Lately, I'm in the creative zone. :D

A year from today

Hello! Anybody here? It's been a while, right? Not sure if blogging is still trendy, but that doesn't matter one bit! Because today is the day! I will call that new series " A year from today ".
Exactly one year ago I started my maternity leave and I don't need to tell you how my life is different now from that life I used to live before I've become a mom. But it won't be about what was before, but rather it's gonna be about what's ahead of me. How my life can change in a year from today? Let's see! 
So make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down and be the witness of my journey.