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Greetings from Dublin!

Hola my Canarian amigos! Como estas? ;)

As you can see, we also have here sea and mountains with breathtaking views!  It's true that the weather is not as great as in Las Palmas ,but wearing a warm hat and scarf also has its charm ;P 

So don't hesitate! Buy a ticket today because we are waiting for you guys!  And hopefully we'll see you soon!!!

xoxo Mags&Bart

Houston we have a problem!

Would you like to live in a world where people do things they hate? Would you imagine to being dependant of people who don't like their jobs, and just do it because is well paid? 
That's not a positive vision, isn't?

So here I am! Staring at the window and wondering - what should I do now? 2 weeks ago we came back form our biggest adventure , which was amazing by the way, but my big fat plan stopped at that very moment I  have walked into our apartment in Dublin.  So I'm out of employment and thinking  : Mags, that could be an opportunity to finally find a right job for you! ( or get heart attack from car insurance that I should pay a few weeks ago! )
Recently I came across that inspiring quote:
"What you most fear is what you most desire"
That gave me something to think about. My biggest fear right now is to being permanent unemployed....and according to this golden thought I'm on the right track!!! LOL! :D
xoxo Mags

88 days of Summer

That was definitely the best Summer ever! :D Dream BIG, because dream do come true! 

xoxo Mags