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Rocky road

It took me more than 4 years to do something that I thought was impossible for me, and out of my reach!
I have finally learned how to enjoy my life! :D

I think depression it's still taboo and we don't speak at loud about it. I never did. Not many people knew that I had depression.

 Sometimes depression may effect people who are close to us and we may not be aware of it! And it is not just a bad day or lack of energy. Is something more! It is a nasty , heavy , dark voice who whispers to your ear over and over again that you are useless, not good enough ,you are not worthy of love , you are nothing! And it make you fell like everything is hopeless. It drags you down to that dark place where you feel alone and miss understood. You can't even understand yourself.

Many times I've been asking myself - what the fuck is wrong with me? Why I fell that way? Why I can't be like everybody else? Am I lazy or what?
Even the smallest challenge was like something impossible to do…

Go trekking!

How good it is to jump in to old track-suit, not worry about make -up, about hair ,about technological gadgets , no maps, no GPS, just pure nature, ( old track-suit, trekking shoes, backpack full of food, waterproof jacket, camera - camera is a must!  )  and you :D

xoxo Mags

Stop hating your body

Today's canons of beauty are hard to follow. Lean&flawless body, fine ass, full lips, flawless skin, long legs, shiny blond hair, eyelashes as curtains - long&thick, white teeth, tanned body, nice tits, flat stomach, skinny nose .... and so on and so on.  Every day media provide us with further doses of information on the latest trends in fashion ( what we should wear in order to be trendy and cool! ) and beauty ( what cream we should buy to stay  forever young!) Anti wrinkle cream for dry skin, anti wrinkle cream for oil skin, anti wrinkle cream for combination skin,  night cream, day cream, anti aging cream, youth perfect, cell renew, triple active, anti imperfection, dehydrated skin, oil skin, combination skin, smoothing cream, illuminating cream, pro dark spots cream....and so on!  We are constantly under huge pressure to fit in to media/society high expectations but lets face it, nobody is perfect! Even that 20 year old model who is advertising the newest anti wrinkl…