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Stop hating your body

Today's canons of beauty are hard to follow. Lean&flawless body, fine ass, full lips, flawless skin, long legs, shiny blond hair, eyelashes as curtains - long&thick, white teeth, tanned body, nice tits, flat stomach, skinny nose .... and so on and so on. 
Every day media provide us with further doses of information on the latest trends in fashion ( what we should wear in order to be trendy and cool! ) and beauty ( what cream we should buy to stay  forever young!) Anti wrinkle cream for dry skin, anti wrinkle cream for oil skin, anti wrinkle cream for combination skin,  night cream, day cream, anti aging cream, youth perfect, cell renew, triple active, anti imperfection, dehydrated skin, oil skin, combination skin, smoothing cream, illuminating cream, pro dark spots cream....and so on! 
We are constantly under huge pressure to fit in to media/society high expectations but lets face it, nobody is perfect! Even that 20 year old model who is advertising the newest anti wrinkles cream. ;)
We very often forget about something greater than fashion trends or beauty products. I'm talking about our inner beauty!!! And about that is the book I've read lately.

"WONDER" R.J. Palacio

 August is a 10 year old boy with a rare medical facial deformity. He has been home schooled for his entire life but now things are going to change. In the new environment Auggie is founding friends who see in him more then just deformed face.



  1. Cool stuff, and so true:) The focus on our looks goes to such extremes that it borders with obsession, if it's not obsession already. I didn't even know that there is so many "beauty" treatments. And it's money, money, money for the "cosmetics" industry. But does all of that make women (and more and more often men) to look better. I strongly don't think so. On the contrary, look at the fake looking faces covered with tones of, how it's called, foundation. Even women or girls with spotless skin use them which is a shame! Whats more attractive than woman's natural skin, even if it has some spots. For me the "painted" faces look like plastic dolls, the opposite of attractive! And what about hair? How damaged they are after the assault of all the dye chemicals. They look like some kind of old, (ab)used mop. You can even notice the damage in some more honest hair dye commercials. Brr!!! Any way, i call all the "plastic" stuff: NATURAL BEAUTY KILLERS. Oh yeah, that's what they are. Women, girls come back to your senses! You are so beautiful without all the crap;)

    1. Hey M! Welcome back and thank you so much for your extensive comment! :D I mostly agree about you said, but I'm not against cosmetics. My point was that, we are worrying too much about our look and care little about who we are inside.


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