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Day 30

Wellcome to Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves - the fishing village.  ◄►◄     ◄►◄     ◄►◄ 
Task for today: Take a good look to see hidden objects in the first three pictures :D   You might need your glasses. Are you ready? ;P

Now I know why we don't tour around the island, simply because it's too hot!!! And when temperature exceed 30 Celsius degrees , the best thing is to dip your ass in a cool ocean!!!

But because our time on Gran Canaria is limited, we packed our cold bebidas ( beverages ) to backpack and we went to visit two little towns/villages in the northwest of the island. 

Whole town was decorated like that. It looked great! You can see small bulbs hanging from the top. In the evening when the light bulbs comes on the view must be spectacular!  Agaete has its own charm. 

Waiting for the bus back ,we went to a nearby pub, where bartender give us palm of peanuts to our drinks, and the best thing about it was that, you throw out the shells straight on the floor!  I wonder i…

Day 28

Generally I'm not a competitive person. Generally.... but when it comes to my husband Bart I like to challenge him in category I called - "what your body is capable of ?"
And then I ask him:
- Bart, can you touch your big toe with your tongue?  or - Bart, can you touch my big toe with your tongue?  Haha!!!
Usually I win , because there are my challenges and my rules :P But there are some others areas like SPORT where we are equally good..... or bad! Ha!


Day 26

Playa de Las Canteras.
There is "our" beach , literally in front of our apartment. Then on the right from our beach is the wide beach with golden sand - most frequented by tourists, and on the left is ''surfers beach'' with a huge waves!!!  Most of the time we stay on our part of the beach , because is handy but sometimes we go on ''surfer beach'' to catch the wave! Haha! :D

xoxo Mags

Day 24

Every time when I take another 100 euro bill form the ATM, I take a deep breath and say to myself : I will live just once!!! :D And I spend it with no regrets. 

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xoxo Mags

Day 22

We have been here for three weeks and only one time we went outside our base - Las Palmas. I guess it's because we have everything here - beautiful long for 2.6km beach, amazing views, and cheap cocktails!!! :D :D :D I say to myself that we still have time to explore the island. ;)

xoxo Mags

Day 20

Playa de Las Canteras by night.

xoxo Mags

Day 19

Pale people come, suntanned people leave but we are still here.  The owners of local bars&cafes are starting to recognize us.  Cheers for to new connections!!! Maybe someday thanks to that our bill will be smaller ;P

xoxo Mags

Day 18

Why spend 30 to eat by the beach while you can spend 5 and eat on the beach!!! :D

xoxo Mags

Day 17

The weather has changed again. Thank God! 

The sailors who recently sailed to Las Palmas are a great sensation in the city. All women's eyes are directed toward them ( Including myself! Haha! ). There is something appealing about men wearing uniform, more then about nearly naked men on the beach wearing tight briefs ;P  I guess the same applies to the ladies sunbathing topless. But that's just my opinion.  I always leave a room between my small tits&bra pads for your imagination :D
xoxo Mags

Day 16

The weather is not always as good as I tell to everybody! LOL! 

xoxo Mags

Day 15

Recently we discovered an automatic bike borrowing system whereby you can in easy way get around Las Palmas.
Bikes are distributed throughout the city and if you are lucky enough to find available bike, then you can enjoy your 3 hours free ride :D

It's a very popular transport so you have to literally hunt for the bike. And then the real adventure starts! You can never now if your bike will have one brake broken or two? Maybe you will get bike with broken spokes or saddle that can not be adjusted, but that doesn't matter because in the end of the day  free ride it's a free ride!!! :D


Day 14

Because here on island I have a plenty of time , I decided make use of one of my countless talents to make some extra money on the side ;)


Well, I'm getting there guys! :D
xoxo Mags

Day 13

Budget living strikes again!  Yesterday I made some unexpected purchases so today we have to cope as best as we can ;) Tomorrow we'll back on track!
xoxo Mags

Day 12

I finally have time to brush my teeth as long as it's recommended. I can slowly sip my coffee on ice and eat my breakfast at 12pm. I watch people who are in a hurry to work, from work to home , from one meeting to another..or somewhere else. I don't wear my makeup. I wash clothes in the sink....( it's sounds a bit like I became a hobo! Haha! ) I go to bed late at night. I practice yoga. I shave my legs every day what's driving me crazy!!! I eat more fruit than ever before. I drink more than before. I wear only 2 pairs of shoes. I don't miss my wardrobe full of clothes, neither shelf full of nail polish. I say ¡Hola!to everyone. Every day I learn one word in Spanish. I spend more money than I should. My skin becomes more and more tanned. Grains of sand are always on my bed and in between book pages ....
and that's how my days look like. 
xoxo Mags

Day 11

Tuesday's breakfast at the beach before the sunrise.

Dreams do come true!
xoxo Mags

Day 10

The beautiful view from the top of Las Palmas.

The tenth day at Canaries and we just getting started!
The main goal is to relax and have fun but how you can relax if there is so many things to do, see, discover and experience?!

78 days left!

It is an amazing feeling to have time and be able to spend it as you wish. :D