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Thank you!

I'm always stressed out and I'm worry about the parking space in front of my work.
Recently they build recycling station for xmas trees on that parking and now it's very hard to find parking space , because half of the parking is unavailable :/ So yesterday I went to the car park and I saw there is no single place to squeeze my little blue car. Shit! There was no space on the side road as well, so I decided to wait few minutes and see what happens. Happily one lady was going to leave the spot. Yeah! It was worth to wait :) In the way to the parking meter the very same lady opened her car window and asked me if I want to use her ticket. Hell yeah! :D The ticket was paid till 1 pm which was just perfect because I always park till 1pm :D Happy day!

Never give up!

I was off today and I had planned this day from Wednesday but something went wrong. Normally after that I would stayed at home all day, cry and feel sorry for myself ,but today I did something opposite which made me very happy and proud :D I tried to not give up and despite the difficulties I saved the day!  I went to the city centre and I got few cool stuff for myself. Now after Xmas lots of things are on sale. I absolutely love sales!!! :D
One of the thingsthat I bought today werepostcards. A month ago I got involve in postcrossing  and now I getting postcards and sending them to people from around the wold randomly picked by the system. I think it's a pretty cool idea and you can also make new friends :D I love it! 
Never give up!!! Mags

Happy New Year!!!

Ok, let's get started! Welcome everybody to my new blog. I'm very excited about this project , and scared at the same time, because I know it won't be easy to keep myself motivated but I promise to do my best and regularly add new positive posts :)
I wish you all the best in 2014 and I hope this year will be filled with lots of positive thoughtsand events!
Happy New Year!!!

xoxo Mags