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Never give up!

I was off today and I had planned this day from Wednesday but something went wrong. Normally after that I would stayed at home all day, cry and feel sorry for myself ,but today I did something opposite which made me very happy and proud :D I tried to not give up and despite the difficulties I saved the day! 
I went to the city centre and I got few cool stuff for myself. Now after Xmas lots of things are on sale. I absolutely love sales!!! :D

One of the things that I bought today were postcards.
A month ago I got involve in postcrossing  and now I getting postcards and sending them to people from around the wold randomly picked by the system. I think it's a pretty cool idea and you can also make new friends :D I love it! 

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Never give up!!!


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I sit on the sunbed, one I bought 2 years ago and I listen to the sound of the ocean. It feels like we have never left this place. Just our apartment is better. We swapped bin view (#budgettravel ) for the ocean view (#bigspenders ).  And Canarian Princess is now with us. Finally at home. ;)
We wander around the streets and refresh our memories about things we have done and food we have eaten during the time we lived here. And we are doing so well with our Spanglish! 

A year from today

Hello! Anybody here? It's been a while, right? Not sure if blogging in still trendy, but that doesn't matter one bit! Because today is the day! I will call that new series " A year from today ".
Exactly one year ago I started my maternity leave and I don't need to tell you how my life is different now from that life I used to live before I've become a mom. But it won't be about what was before, but rather it's gonna be about what's ahead of me. How my life can change in a year from today? Let's see! 
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Life keeps me entertained. But the quest for a dream job is still on.
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