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Day 57&58

I was 16 years old when last time I slept in a tent. That seems like ages ago! So I was super excited for weekend to sleep in a tent in the middle of Gran Canaria. 

The best part was to wake up in the mountains before the sunset. 

Our team :D

xoxo Mags

Day 52

Today was a good day for spontaneous decisions :D  I went to random hairdressing salon and I said: I want to cut my hair short ! And I showed gap between my fingers, not wider than 2 cm.  After 30 minutes my new hairstyle was ready :)


And that is the guy who created my new look

I guess, he just copied his own hairstyle!!! Haha!

xoxo Mags

Day 50

xoxo Mags

Day 45&46

Celebrating my 29th birthday! :D
Bart had a plan for my birthday for a quite some time , which kept in secret till the very end!  I tried all my tricks to get something out of him, but he was relentless.  And finally the day of my birthday came but I still didn't know where we are going till that very moment when GPS displayed the name of our destination.
Welcome to Puerto Rico!!!

And then was romantic cruise ...


and beautiful sunset!

The next day was pretty challenging! We drove in the hart of the island to climb on volcanic rock , the second highest peak on Gran Canaria.
Rogue Nublo 

Hurray! We made it! :D

I wonder what you come up with for my next birthday :P
xoxo Mags

Day 44

Today is our 44th day in Gran Canaria and we are halfway through the holidays!  Just 44 days left till the end! OMG! It's time to start working on tan! :D
To celebrate the "midpoint" our Spanish "family" took us on a trip to inland.

Gran Canaria is relatively small, but it seems like every corner of the island is very different in terms of landscape and weather! In some points of our journey I got goosebumps because was so cold, and few kilometers later sweat was pouring down from my spine!

I forgot to mention the fog that prevents taking pictures.

A few kilometers later...

xoxo Mags

Day 42

I need to admit it,  beach life isn't that easy! It's hard to stay in shape when all that nice Restaurants&Coffee shops surround you! But I do my best to stay fit&healthy :P

Well...maybe that's not the best example of me being healthy, but there need to be balance in life, so after heavy meal and siesta I do one from below:
1. Surf

2. Ride a bicycle

3. Practice Yoga

4. Practice my gymnastic skills :P

5. Do Crossfit
You need to trust me on this one because I don't have any picture, but soon enough I will share with you a video to prove that I'm not bullshitting you :P
xoxo Mags

Day 40

You can definitely say that holiday season in Las Palmas has started! The beach was full yesterday and thermometer showed 37 degrees :D

Now, for instance in Dublin is 15 degrees and in my hometown in Poland 16 degrees. Suckers! Haha! I wonder if I will get depressed after returning to Ireland? Or I will be like - Thank God that Summer is finally over, and there is no need to change panties 3 times a day!  I almost forgot what it means to not sweat. :P

xoxo Mags

Day 36

Almost every time when we eat outside , we choose a new restaurant, or actually I should say a cafe, because we are not that fancy to dine out every day in a restaurant ;P  The other reason is that we have restricted budget! Haha!  Anyway, our experience shows that the best coffee shops are the ones that are located somewhere in the back streets!
And today we found another hidden gem! 

It was a small place where one guy was a cook, a waiter and bartender in one!!! What a skill! The place didn't have a kitchen, but somehow the guy managed to serve an amazing tapas! All magic was taking place behind the counter! You could choose to eat something cold or hot out of 15 different dishes to each he would advise different type of wine. It was a really cool place , and it seems to be not yet known by tourists.

Life would be incomplete without dessert! :D 

xoxo Mags

Day 34

The ocean ''traffic'' was pretty heavy today!

....and if you wonder if I somehow managed to catch one fish, the answer is NO! So instead fish we had pizza for dinner :P
xoxo Mags

Day 32

After 32 days of holidays I've noticed one thing. My bikini briefs have shrunk,  or.....(what is much more possible) my ass put on weight!!!
Ups...It seemed like holiday diet is not going in a good direction. Haha!

xoxo Mags