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Day 44

Today is our 44th day in Gran Canaria and we are halfway through the holidays!
 Just 44 days left till the end! OMG! It's time to start working on tan! :D

To celebrate the "midpoint" our Spanish "family" took us on a trip to inland.

Gran Canaria is relatively small, but it seems like every corner of the island is very different in terms of landscape and weather! In some points of our journey I got goosebumps because was so cold, and few kilometers later sweat was pouring down from my spine!

I forgot to mention the fog that prevents taking pictures.

A few kilometers later...



  1. I think there is enough tan already! :) We just got back from Spain last night and my heart is broken! It has been raining all day here in Dublin. :D :D :D Get ready for reality my dears! Only 44 days left! :) :P

    1. Yeah....I presume it will be hard, but I try not to think about it and enjoy every day on the sunny beach! :D But on the other hand it will be nice to come back to Dublin, find a job and be paid! :P So there is always something nice to look forward.


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