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Tick Tock...

Any moment I can become a mom! OMG! And I can't even change the nappy! LOL! I  really enjoy being pregnant and I love my protruding belly ♥  but I also can't wait to meet our baby girl.  I wonder how our life will look like when she'll join our team ;) 
 Sometimes annoy me when people say to me that I won't get enough sleep, or I will be constantly tired for the first few months, the baby will costs a lot and I won't have time for myself , friends and even my husband.
It all sounds very negative and I refuse to be the person to whom the child is just troublesome duty. We wanted to become a parents, that was our deliberate decision. So I always say: "Yes , my life is going to change but I'm looking forward to that!". :D
So today I'm exactly 38 weeks pregnant and at this stage I wear my hubby's old t-shirts because I can't fit in most of my blouses anymore!  This week I also started my maternity leave, but I still go to gym where I work to …

Epidural? No thanks, I'm alright.

Maybe I'm naive , but I really think I won't need any drugs when the time will come to give a birth to our baby girl.  I'm very confident and optimistic to face this big challenge, but saying that I keep my mind open. The last thing I want to do is to play a martyr in such an important day. So when I will really need it , I'll ask for painkillers.   ( I'm definitely going to try gas and air regardless of whether I need it or not, because I really want to find out if that makes me high , haha! )
To prepare myself for this big day, I use visualization technique and relaxations. I also created a list of birth preferences. Here are my requests:

1. Warm bath with foam and candles
2. Chilled champagne
3. Professional masseuse from Thailand :D

That might not happen, so just in case I prepared plan B, which I think sounds more realistic:

* I would like to have medical free labour and birth if possible, but I may change my mind during the course of the labour.

* During the labo…

No soothers, no bottles, no bogie - Paleo parents

Attachment parenting - I came across that philosophy few years ago in Jean's Liedloff  book "The Continuum Concept".  Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, carry the baby on the body as often as possible, responding to the infant signals without judgement and displeasure, being sensitive and emotionally available guardian without any undue concern or obsessively focusing on the child -  everything seemed to me so natural, so obvious! 
I was very interested in that topic long before I got pregnant, so I bought another book. This time it was a book by William and Martha Sears " The Attachment Parenting Book". I introduce my husband to their concept, and I was very surprised when he said how he felt reading this book. Like there was some truth deep inside, hidden instinct , who now saw the daylight. 
In a few weeks we'll be able to test that instinct ;)

Paleo Mama :D

Exercising during pregnancy

I was always into sport. I think it all started with watching Olympic games on TV. My favourite olympic sports were: gymnastic and figure skating.  To this day I have a scar under my chin, after practising my skating moves on the kitchen tiles! LOL.
At school I was always taking a part in a different sport competitions like : swimming, 60m run or speed skating. I need to say, I've never been extraordinary or great with this things , but I was good enough to compete with others. Last place in the competition it is also a place! Haha
But my true adventure with fitness started years ago when I visited my brother in Germany. Back then he was into gymnastics and he took me to his training. And from that very day I decided I want to be super fit! I left my previous job and I became a fitness instructor. That was 7 years ago, 
Now I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I still continue my training. The more my belly is growing , the less intense is my training, but I do what I can do and I alwa…