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Exercising during pregnancy

 I was always into sport. I think it all started with watching Olympic games on TV. My favourite olympic sports were: gymnastic and figure skating. 
To this day I have a scar under my chin, after practising my skating moves on the kitchen tiles! LOL.

At school I was always taking a part in a different sport competitions like : swimming, 60m run or speed skating. I need to say, I've never been extraordinary or great with this things , but I was good enough to compete with others. Last place in the competition it is also a place! Haha

But my true adventure with fitness started years ago when I visited my brother in Germany. Back then he was into gymnastics and he took me to his training. And from that very day I decided I want to be super fit! I left my previous job and I became a fitness instructor. That was 7 years ago, 

Now I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I still continue my training. The more my belly is growing , the less intense is my training, but I do what I can do and I always listen to my body. Sometimes it means just 5 minutes on Cross-trainer and some gentle stretching, but even in so advanced pregnancy I would use free weights and do some deadlifts or squats. 

Nowadays things had changed around , and seeing pregnant woman at the gym or rushing to yoga class with mat under her arm, it's not that controversial. In fact, there are studies which show that exercising during pregnancy has great benefits. It make you feel strong and it can prepare you for labour and childbirth.

Remember, before you continue your old exercise routine while you pregnant , or begin a new one, you should talk to your doctor. 



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