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I'm grateful

Saturday evening. I'm driving my car with my best friend. We are coming back form dinner. Suddenly we pass a house with white fence. It is the very first house that I used to lived when I came to Ireland for the first time 7 years ago! So many memories, so many things changed from that time. I met so many people, I visited so many countries , I found a great job, I got married and I become a mum for two wonderful and cheeky parrots hehe :) I'm grateful for all the things that happened to me in Ireland. I love this country and I can say that Ireland became my second home!

Be grateful for all you have! xoxo Mags

Golden Boy

It was a very sad and stressful week for both of us:/ Driving today to work I was thinking about my husband , how much he loves me and cares about me, and I decided to write about him♥
We've been together for ten years, and every time I have a problem ( and it happens often!) he is always there for me. I can be in a very bad mood, I can feel hopeless and depressed but he is the one who can comfort me. He is always patient , even at 2am he still listens to my crying voice.  I remember ( that might seems funny now, but back then it wasn't at all! ) when I ate a hash cookie in Amsterdam and short after I had got a massive panic attack , and Bart was ( baked as well ;P ) keeping me alive.
We experiencedmany things together, some of them were just crazy and some of them were sad :/ but I know all good things are stillahead of us!

I love you so so much! ♥ 
xoxo Mags