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There is no such thing as a bad day when you have pet!!!.....

....and when you have 2 or more pets your life is just craaazy! Ladies and gentlemen I present you  my first ''dragon'' Lili. :D  Lili is very vocal!!! Specially in the morning , when we are still in the bed!

My second ''dragon'' Kali , can't sing ( thank God!!!) but she's extra cute! 

Love your pet!


My Break Dance :D

Smile :D
xoxo Mags

Halloween party!

I guess , I can say that I'm fully recover after Saturday Halloween party , because I'm starting to plan another one! :D And finally my Halloween make-up in fully gone! Label said: easy to remove! Yeah....not really! Haha ;)

Thanks to: Skeletons, Spanish Armada and Caesars for coming to the Halloween party! It was a great fun! And well done to everybody for making the afford to come to the party dressed-up!!!    Guinness cake, wheel of fear, pizza and alcohol - the best recipe for a cool party ;P

PS:  Big applause to my beloved husband who decided to shave his head and beard just for this party!!! Now you look like a cancer patient.... but I still love you! Haha! You are the best! ♥