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Because I got high, because I got high....

I did it! I did it not because I got high, haha! :)I did it because it was on my dream list! :D

 Over 5 hoursat the hairdresser and 172 braids!!! They are sooo long and so heavy! But I love it! The best things is , I had a few wrinkles on my forehead but I don't have it anymore! Braids are pulling my head and face! Isn't it amazing? LOL!
My next dream is to not get bald after I will get rid of it! Haha
What do you think about my new look?  Share your opinion. 
Bad comments will be removed! :D:D:D
xoxo Mags


For the last week we have guested Joanna , our friend from high school who lives in Malta. Finally we convinced Joanna to visit us in Dublin. We haven't seen each other since our short trip to Malta back in 2012. But these days all you need is facebook to keep in touch with anybody from every part of the planet earth!
Anyway, it was fun week but I'm glad is over! LOL! Thanks Joanna for the beautiful gifts, sore throat and runny nose!  Hope to visit you in 2015!!! :D I already checked the flight! ;)
xoxo Mags