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Colour Dash

Saturday morning - 5k run for The Irish Cancer Society.

Two of us plus three thousands of enthusiastic walkers, joggers and runners!  Five kilometers on which you were getting absolutely battered with different colors.
1 - Yellow: Lung Cancer 2 - Green: Bowel Cancer 3 - Blue: Cancer Survivorship 4 - Bright green: Prostate Cancer 5 - Pink: Breast Cancer
It was a great fun!!! :D

I'm so happy and proud of us! :) xoxo Mags

Look Up

Few weeks ago this video was very popular on the Youtube and Facebook as well. It got me inspired for my new project! I realized that I had a lot of people on my Facebook list with whom I don't have any contact any more. More then half of the list are people I haven't seen since grade school, or in the best case since high school :/ What a pity!
 I decided , that in every week I will send short message to one randomly chosen person. The message will content some positive memory I share with that person.
Maybe it will change nothing , but it will give my some sort of feeling that we are more then just the name and pretty picture on the web.

xoxo Mags

Do it for the vine Kali!

I need to say, I'm a big fan of ''do it for the vine'' :D  Every times I feel down, after watching some funny episodes on the YouTube I have a bettermood :D
Today I dared to do my own vine. Kali was helping me ;P ♥

Don't forget to..... smile! :D
xoxo Mags