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He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne

Did I hesitate? Yes , I did. That was exactly a week after I said to my bosses I'm going to leave.  So, I guess , it was already too late to change my mind? Haha!  Sometimes is just hard to do something different, leave things you know behind , do something  unexpected , break scheme,  go out from your comfort zone. But man, it feel so good!!! Scary though, but so so good!  Expect unexpected! Less then 3 months left to our big adventure!!! Whoop! Whoop! I'm so excited!  We don't have much to prepare at that stage. Everything is almost ready. :)
My list:
* find destination  * resign from work! * find nice apartment beside the beach * find a new home for 3 months for our parrots aka fluffy friends * sort it our things with cars&stuff  * clean wardrobe - still in progress * tell our moms about the adventure * refresh/paint our apartment  * prepare summer clothes!!! :D
I'm so ready for that!!!

xoxo Mags

Magic happens outside your comfort zone

One day I realized that I'm stuck. Can life offer me something more or this is it?  We are born, we go to school, we find safe work we don't like, we get married, apply for mortgage to pay it off in the next 35 years (!!!) or less if we are lucky , have kid or two and then watch how they follow the same path. Well, maybe there is nothing wrong with that and yet almost everyday I have that unshakeable feeling that there has to be something more! I see it through my ''glass ceiling''. It so close and yet so far away!

I watched few inspiring movies, read dozen wise books and thousand articles which said:
You can do anything! You can be whoever you want! Follow your passion and live your dream life!
So I asked myself: What would I do to change my life? Would I dare to risk? Then I started to wonder: What life I would like to live? What is my boldest dream? Am I brave enough to break that ''glass ceiling'' and step out from the ''safe path'&…

What would you do for 1 million dollars???

Money is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen and experienced in my life! It has some magical power to change our lives, minds and hearts ,and everything around us! It makes people fight and kill for it, give up on dreams or ruin they health in the name of numbers on they bank account. 
What money actually is? Take a bill or coin to your hand. What do you see? A piece of paper or metal disc. Nothing more! 
Did you know that to produce $100 bill cost 12.3 cent? So what is the real value of money?
How much does it cost to produce currency and coin?
Nowadays money plays an important part in our lives. It would be extremely hard or even impossible to live without it. Money provides access to food , water, clothing , shelter and many goods ,thanks to which our life can be easier and better. It's very good to have this system, but it's also good to remember that, that 1 million dollar bill is just a piece of paper.
 So don't  let yourself go crazy about it ;)

It's money…

Going back in time is possible and it might be crucial to our well being!!!

Time travel?!!! It's sounds ridiculous, but by some meaning is possible! Yes!  You might be now disappointed, because actually I'm not talking about traveling in time physically but rather about the way our mind can do it.
Why I think is so important for some of us to go back in time? Let me explain that to you.
Have you ever said something mean or cruel to yourself? Have you ever bully yourself?  Or the felling that you should did something, or should said something still hunt you? What would happen if you could defend yourself against your bully classmate? Or say something to your boyfriend/girlfriend or mean boos.
Well, the good news is that you will never find out what would happened if...
Probably now, with all your knowledge and experience you would say to your bully classmate: FUCK YOU! I WON'T LET YOU TREAT ME LIKE THAT! Or something to that boy you liked or to your mean boss?
 All you need to do right now is to acknowledge that you did the best with what you had.…