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What would you do for 1 million dollars???

Money is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen and experienced in my life! It has some magical power to change our lives, minds and hearts ,and everything around us! It makes people fight and kill for it, give up on dreams or ruin they health in the name of numbers on they bank account. 

What money actually is?
Take a bill or coin to your hand. What do you see? A piece of paper or metal disc. Nothing more! 

Did you know that to produce $100 bill cost 12.3 cent? So what is the real value of money?
How much does it cost to produce currency and coin?

Nowadays money plays an important part in our lives. It would be extremely hard or even impossible to live without it. Money provides access to food , water, clothing , shelter and many goods ,thanks to which our life can be easier and better. It's very good to have this system, but it's also good to remember that, that 1 million dollar bill is just a piece of paper.
 So don't  let yourself go crazy about it ;)

It's money worth more than your life? Health? Family? Your dreams&passions?



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