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What if you were able to go back in time and give advice to your younger self?
#DearMe Campaign for International Women's Day inspired me to write a letter to myself. Not to my younger version in the past, but to myself in the present.
Bunch of advices I could give myself  on daily basis.

* Do what you like to do. Do what really makes you feel happy.
* Every time you are unsure about something ask yourself: ‘’Do I really want to do it?’’
* Be honest with yourself.  Know your needs and expectations, your preferences and dreams.
* Aspire to live with harmony with yourself.
* Fulfil your plans and dreams.
* Express yourself through music, dance , art , fashion , writing and everything you do.
* Search of company of people who inspires you, who supports your creative fervour and enthusiasm. * Search of company of people with whom you feel good and who accept you.
* Let it go of people with whom you feel less then yourself.
* Evolve. Try different things. Follow your interest. Listen to your he…

The magical cure for everything

I will not hesitate to say that women LOVE IT! And most of us are probably addicted to that!
We do that when we are sad. We do it when we are happy. It is better then banana pancake with ice-cream and milk chocolate, better then sun holidays under the palm tree. Oh yeah! Better then sex? Well...:P I guess it depends. Ha! :D
Yes ladies,  I'm talking about SHOPPING! :D Shopping in a mall,  online shopping or in a secondhand. It doesn't matter where! All that matter is the content of your wallet or credit card. :D

Do I need it? Will I wear it?- I ask myself every time I end up with new pair of shoes or NICE! peace of garment :)
The best thing about shopping here in Ireland is the return policy.You can return any unworn purchase (  does not apply to underwear, earrings ) within 28 days. Sometimes the time is even longer then 4 weeks. How cool is that? You can  buy something mindlessly and later return it.  Well , it happened to me few times. I always get the glare or second thoug…

It's never too late to pursue your dreams!!!

As a little girl, I always liked to follow Olympic sports on TV. Figure skating and Gymnastics where my favorite disciplines.
What I liked most about Figure skating& Gymnastics were those fancy pirouettes, splits, and all acrobatic movements. It always looks so gracefulness and effortless when somebody is doing it!  It's absolutely amazing how you can train your body! 
In my family home we have tiles on the hallway , and I used to slide on the tiles surface in my socks pretending I'm a figure skater. Once even I hurt my chin while doing pirouettes and to this day I have a small scar. That's how my career as figure skater started! Haha! As a teenager I tried real ice skating and I need to say, I was doing really well. Few times I participated in inter-school competitions! I guess practising on the tiles helped me a lot :D
Generally I always liked to be active. That's why I became a fitness instructor.  For me there is nothing better in the world then to be able to …