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The magical cure for everything

I will not hesitate to say that women LOVE IT! And most of us are probably addicted to that!
We do that when we are sad. We do it when we are happy. It is better then banana pancake with ice-cream and milk chocolate, better then sun holidays under the palm tree. Oh yeah! Better then sex? Well...:P I guess it depends. Ha! :D

Yes ladies,  I'm talking about SHOPPING! :D Shopping in a mall,  online shopping or in a secondhand. It doesn't matter where! All that matter is the content of your wallet or credit card. :D

Do I need it? Will I wear it?- I ask myself every time I end up with new pair of shoes or NICE! peace of garment :)

The best thing about shopping here in Ireland is the return policy.You can return any unworn purchase (  does not apply to underwear, earrings ) within 28 days. Sometimes the time is even longer then 4 weeks. How cool is that? You can  buy something mindlessly and later return it. 
Well , it happened to me few times. I always get the glare or second thought at home straight after shopping. Do you also think that things always look better in shop mirrors??? Anyway then I need to come back to the shop to return unwanted thing ( and by the way to buy something new haha! )
 That's the way it is :D
But mostly I'm happy with my precious purchases and don't return then, even when my credit card begs for it. Haha!



  1. Tell me about it! Ha ha! But to be honest, when I read the "We do that when we are sad. We do it when we are happy." part, I thought you were gonna talk about crying! Ha ha ha!

    That's so awesome to have such return policy! Here in Iran, you MAY sometimes be able to return something that was broken or torn or that sort of thing before you bought it and didn't notice when shopping and only if you can prove it and convince them the case was so! :D

    1. As far as I know in Poland is the same! I don't know if I've EVER returned something out there! :P


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