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It's never too late to pursue your dreams!!!

As a little girl, I always liked to follow Olympic sports on TV. Figure skating and Gymnastics where my favorite disciplines.

What I liked most about Figure skating& Gymnastics were those fancy pirouettes, splits, and all acrobatic movements. It always looks so gracefulness and effortless when somebody is doing it! 
It's absolutely amazing how you can train your body! 

In my family home we have tiles on the hallway , and I used to slide on the tiles surface in my socks pretending I'm a figure skater. Once even I hurt my chin while doing pirouettes and to this day I have a small scar. That's how my career as figure skater started! Haha!
As a teenager I tried real ice skating and I need to say, I was doing really well. Few times I participated in inter-school competitions!
I guess practising on the tiles helped me a lot :D

Generally I always liked to be active. That's why I became a fitness instructor. 
For me there is nothing better in the world then to be able to do cartwheel and handstand! :) 

Few times I was thinking to join a gymnastic club, but that pessimistic voice in my head  ( yes, I hear voices! haha ) says: 
"Don't be silly, you are too old for this! You are not flexible enough. Why you want to do that? You might break your neck or leg or something else. It's better to stay at home. Beside it's too far. You will never become a gymnast anyway ,so don't waist your time! 

Sounds familiar?

Now I know it's just a bullshit story that I was telling myself over and over again. Why? Because I wasn't brave enough to give it a go. But if not now, then when?!  Life is too short!!  And I would much rather try and fail then regret not trying at all!

Last Friday I went for my first class and I got hooked straight away! 
We where doing flips, cartwheels and practising somersault and many more acrobatic movements! Wow! It was so tough and challenging but I knew I was born for this! 
I can't even express how happy and proud of myself I am :D It was hard to ignore that nasty dark voice in my head but I did it! I put myself , my happiness and my dreams on the first place.

Are you brave enough to chase your dreams?



  1. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej! Thats absolutely brilliant! :) I remember.... It took me a couple of years till I started dance classes here in Ireland. I thought I was not good enough but I ended up being one of the best and found a couple of great friends! About the dreams..... I am trying to follow them everyday... even if I have to admit... that some of them stay kept hidden... :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! :D Can you tell why did you decide to give it a go? What motivated you?

    2. I dont even know. :) One day, I just decide to give it a try no matter what.... and that was it! Obviously I was dancing in the very back row.... but well... It was great! :)

  2. What inspiring words! And hats off to you for pushing that dark voice back and stepping up! Well done! Wishing you lots of success and joys of accomplishment in what you've begun! :)

    1. Thank you Noushin K! Some times is very hard to ignore that dark voice and motivate yourself to do something. But I try, every day! :)


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