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Don't tell people your dreams. Show them!

Welcome to Miami!!! 

It was my BIG dream to go to Miami and it will still last for another week.  The weather is perfect and the Miami beach is just amazing!
Few days ago we went to look for Dexter apartment. It turned out that he "used to live" not far from our hotel. So we rented bikes and in the next 20 minutes we were in fromt of his movie condo :D 

That was fun but unfortunatelly he wasn't there at the time :P
And here some more picture from the first week of our holidays.

Dreams DO come true!
xoxo Mags

50 shades of .... anger!

Friday evening. I'm working on my blog, trying to improve some bits. Unaware of anything I started to delete all my posts in google+. ( Don't ask me why!)  Google+ it's not a blog, right? Well apparently both of this things are closely linked with each other. So now you can imagine my horror when I discovered that most of my pictures are gone!!!! Yes gone! Out! No longer present on my blog!!!

For the next two days I tried to found out how to restore my photos from the internet. Please note that part of this missing photos weren't present on my computer! :( They were specially customized for the useof the blog and then deleted.
 It took me some time to realized that I won't restore whole year of blogging.  In my ears I still have the lyrics of Disney's song: " Let it go, let it go...." At the end I did let go.
What I learned from that experience? That nothing last forever! Ha! It's not the most cheerful thought :P But I also learned something else! EVER…

Facebook sucks!

It has been 2 weeks since I canceled my Facebook account and from that time I feel more positive! 
Why I decided to leave FB? of the reason was that I couldn't use Facebook in moderation. It became too addictive for me.  I was checking my account first thing in the morning, and then 10 times at the day, and finally just before sleep. I used to lay in a bed with my mobile phone in my hand checking Facebook again ,in order to give myself  another dose of unnecessary information about my ''friends''.
Just before Christmas I came to realization that I don't need next ''like'' on my wall to feel good about myself. Waiting for someone approval became big part of my daily existence.  Isn't it crazy to give somebody power to ''make your day'' by clicking "like" button under your picture/post? I know better! I can raise my self esteem by doing things I really like doing. :D
 I'm not on FB anymore…

Open your mind - 3 most inspiring movies I've watched recently


That movie taught me that kindness and compassion mean a lot.  And without any doubts, everyone is struggling with something in your life, and like me friend Anna said: "everyone has some skeletons hidden in the closet" ,but I believe that we can still be kind to each others without losing yourself.

That film is truly amazing for two reasons:
Firstly, because it has been filmed over 12 years with the same cast!!!  And secondly , because it shows you that no matter where you are coming from ,you can still choose where you want to go, and what to do with your life. It also taught me that curiosity&passion drives the soul.
Fault in our stars

I cried while watching this movie! It is a beautiful love story about struggling with cancer. This movie has helped me to understand that even a hopeless situation may has positive aspects. And also ,that you should never give up because never is too late to pursue your dreams.
What have you been watching recently…


happy 1st birthday to my blog! :D

I wish this New Year will be filled with plenty of positive posts and funny videos :D
Happy New Year to everybody!  May your wishes come true!
xoxo Mags