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Facebook sucks!

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It has been 2 weeks since I canceled my Facebook account and from that time I feel more positive! 

Why I decided to leave FB? of the reason was that I couldn't use Facebook in moderation. It became too addictive for me. 
I was checking my account first thing in the morning, and then 10 times at the day, and finally just before sleep. I used to lay in a bed with my mobile phone in my hand checking Facebook again ,in order to give myself  another dose of unnecessary information about my ''friends''.

Just before Christmas I came to realization that I don't need next ''like'' on my wall to feel good about myself. Waiting for someone approval became big part of my daily existence.
 Isn't it crazy to give somebody power to ''make your day'' by clicking "like" button under your picture/post? I know better! I can raise my self esteem by doing things I really like doing. :D

 I'm not on FB anymore and I don't regret it!

How many of your Facebook friends are actually your real friends in a real life?
Do you share a new post on Facebook every time you did something or planing to go out ?
Do you also get annoyed when you are with your friend and she/he is checking their phone every time they are getting a notification? 

Let me know what is your opinion.



  1. Sometimes two or three times a day when I look :)
    greetings ! :)


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