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50 shades of .... anger!

Friday evening. I'm working on my blog, trying to improve some bits. Unaware of anything I started to delete all my posts in google+. ( Don't ask me why!) 
Google+ it's not a blog, right? Well apparently both of this things are closely linked with each other.
So now you can imagine my horror when I discovered that most of my pictures are gone!!!!
Yes gone! Out! No longer present on my blog!!!

For the next two days I tried to found out how to restore my photos from the internet.
Please note that part of this missing photos weren't present on my computer! :( They were specially customized for the use of the blog and then deleted.

 It took me some time to realized that I won't restore whole year of blogging. 
In my ears I still have the lyrics of Disney's song: " Let it go, let it go...."
At the end I did let go.

What I learned from that experience?
That nothing last forever! Ha! It's not the most cheerful thought :P But I also learned something else!

  Because of what happened I had a time to think , what I really want to write about&what I want to share with my numerous readers! Haha :D

I tided up my blog, I replaced some of the pictures, and now I'm ready to move on with new ideas&inspirations.

Never  ever give up!


  1. Jakie pozytywne foteczki, podobają mi się :)

    1. Dzięki Ptysia! Zaglądaj co jakis czas :)

  2. Oh my!! I'm sorry for what's happened, but I'm really glad how you've figured to deal with it! Here's to a new beginning! :)

    1. Thank you Noushin K :D To a new beginning!!! :)


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