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What if you were able to go back in time and give advice to your younger self?

#DearMe Campaign for International Women's Day inspired me to write a letter to myself. Not to my younger version in the past, but to myself in the present. 

Bunch of advices I could give myself  on daily basis.

* Do what you like to do. Do what really makes you feel happy.

* Every time you are unsure about something ask yourself: ‘’Do I really want to do it?’’

* Be honest with yourself.  Know your needs and expectations, your preferences and dreams.

* Aspire to live with harmony with yourself.

* Fulfil your plans and dreams.

* Express yourself through music, dance , art , fashion , writing and everything you do.

* Search of company of people who inspires you, who supports your creative fervour and enthusiasm.
* Search of company of people with whom you feel good and who accept you.

* Let it go of people with whom you feel less then yourself.

* Evolve. Try different things. Follow your interest. Listen to your heart.

* Respect yourself and learn how to say ‘’NO’’.
If you want something - ask for it.
If you don’t want it – say it.

* Know your value and don’t let someone opinion influence your self esteem.

* If you like something – say it.
If you don’t like something – say it too, and don’t feel bad about it.

* Don’t try to be perfect. Let yourself to make mistakes. Because of them, you can learn something new about yourself.
More mistakes = patience, forbearance and kindness for yourself and others.

* Live at your own pace!

* Don’t try to change yourself for others.

* Be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself.

* Listen to your body. Let it rest when is tired.

* Treat yourself well. Invest in your good mood. Go to beautician or for massage.

* Have time just for yourself. Sit down on the couch with nice cup of tea and ask yourself:  How do you feel today? Can I do something at this moment for myself?




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