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Going back in time is possible and it might be crucial to our well being!!!

Time travel?!!! It's sounds ridiculous, but by some meaning is possible! Yes! 
You might be now disappointed, because actually I'm not talking about traveling in time physically but rather about the way our mind can do it.

Why I think is so important for some of us to go back in time? Let me explain that to you.

Have you ever said something mean or cruel to yourself? Have you ever bully yourself? 
Or the felling that you should did something, or should said something still hunt you?
What would happen if you could defend yourself against your bully classmate? Or say something to your boyfriend/girlfriend or mean boos.

Well, the good news is that you will never find out what would happened if...

Probably now, with all your knowledge and experience you would say to your bully classmate: FUCK YOU! I WON'T LET YOU TREAT ME LIKE THAT! Or something to that boy you liked or to your mean boss?

 All you need to do right now is to acknowledge that you did the best with what you had. And you didn't have this brain like you have today, did you? :P You wasn't so brave or confident like you are today. 
Today you're completely different person, because you learned so much, and you experienced many things that shaped you!

 So ,if you regret something you did or didn't do, if you hold resentment towards yourself , maybe now is the time to jump into your travel machine , press start and go back in time to give yourself a BIG hug, and say something nice to your younger inexperienced, frightened, sad or even lonely version.

Try to say it at loud: I love you no matter what and I now know that back then, you did the best you could.

I always cry when I go back in time and see myself  as my worst bully :( 
But today I know better and I try to treat myself with love , kindness, and understanding.



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    1. Thanks! You've been great help with my escapades through time&space :P


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