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He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne

Did I hesitate? Yes , I did. That was exactly a week after I said to my bosses I'm going to leave.  So, I guess , it was already too late to change my mind? Haha! 
Sometimes is just hard to do something different, leave things you know behind , do something  unexpected , break scheme,  go out from your comfort zone. But man, it feel so good!!! Scary though, but so so good! 
Expect unexpected!
Less then 3 months left to our big adventure!!! Whoop! Whoop! I'm so excited! 
We don't have much to prepare at that stage. Everything is almost ready. :)

My list:

* find destination 
* resign from work!
* find nice apartment beside the beach
* find a new home for 3 months for our parrots aka fluffy friends
* sort it our things with cars&stuff 
* clean wardrobe - still in progress
* tell our moms about the adventure 
* refresh/paint our apartment 
* prepare summer clothes!!! :D

I'm so ready for that!!!



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