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He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne

Did I hesitate? Yes , I did. That was exactly a week after I said to my bosses I'm going to leave.  So, I guess , it was already too late to change my mind? Haha! 
Sometimes is just hard to do something different, leave things you know behind , do something  unexpected , break scheme,  go out from your comfort zone. But man, it feel so good!!! Scary though, but so so good! 
Expect unexpected!
Less then 3 months left to our big adventure!!! Whoop! Whoop! I'm so excited! 
We don't have much to prepare at that stage. Everything is almost ready. :)

My list:

* find destination 
* resign from work!
* find nice apartment beside the beach
* find a new home for 3 months for our parrots aka fluffy friends
* sort it our things with cars&stuff 
* clean wardrobe - still in progress
* tell our moms about the adventure 
* refresh/paint our apartment 
* prepare summer clothes!!! :D

I'm so ready for that!!!



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I sit on the sunbed, one I bought 2 years ago and I listen to the sound of the ocean. It feels like we have never left this place. Just our apartment is better. We swapped bin view (#budgettravel ) for the ocean view (#bigspenders ).  And Canarian Princess is now with us. Finally at home. ;)
We wander around the streets and refresh our memories about things we have done and food we have eaten during the time we lived here. And we are doing so well with our Spanglish! 

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Hello! Anybody here? It's been a while, right? Not sure if blogging in still trendy, but that doesn't matter one bit! Because today is the day! I will call that new series " A year from today ".
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