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Seeking for help is not a shame

When you feel depressed, worthless or hopeless, chatting with a friend might be simply not enough.

In my experience, people around us are often not able to help us when we are depressed , because they don't now how / they also are going through some rough shit right now or struggling with unresolved issues from the past.

Note! Saying:

 "I feel the same."

" It's no big deal, I was going through the worst stuff. "

 "Everything will be ok, you'll see." somebody who is reaching out for your help, is the worst things you can ever say!!!

Life those days might be overwhelming for most of us. With all that pressure we are putting on ourselves, sometimes is really hard to cope with everyday tasks.

In my opinion,  if you are going to get some professional help , you already made a huge step forward in improving quality of your life!

It's not easy to open up to a person you practically don't know and talk about your problems, fears and worries. Sometimes it will even take some time to find the right psychologist / counselor,  but it will pay off, trust me on this one!

It took me 4 years of counselling and psychotherapy to be where I am today and it wasn't easy neither fun. But thanks to my self motivation the quality of my life and the relationships with other people are incomparably better.
I learned how to trust myself, how see the world around me in a different way and how to not allow someone else to control how I feel.

I'm still working on myself , on my self - esteem and destructive thoughts , learning how to set the boundaries between difficult people, but at this point I'm able to do it on my own.
I read books, articles, talk to people who I trust. I keep a diary where I record my thoughts and also I blog. It helps me to stay positive, keep focusing on what's NOW and be more aware of who I am and how I feel.

I think is nothing shameful about seeking for professional help. In fact, you are very brave and self motivated if you decided to do it!


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  1. Very important info;)

    Therapy can open our eyes on how we see things. Often stress is created or increased not by the situation we are in but by the way we look at it. And this comes from our family background. There is no better way to understand ourselves then to look at our parents or people who brought us up. It can help us to see why we act or think in particular way. I would risk an opinion that vast majority of people are not aware how deep their thoughts and actions are influenced by what they experienced in childhood. They think they make their own decision but in reality they just repeat what their parents did. So in a way by not being aware of the influence they are like robots, executing internal program, having just an illusion of free will.

    That leads to life problems. Parents, unfortunately, are often tragically not aware how to bring up children and instead of being good examples and guides they seriously damage their own kids psychologically. The claim to love them but their actions are in grave contrast. Instead of helping children to lead happy life, parents often, make them miserable for life. Only realizing that may help to recover from the misery. They program children for life. If the program is good that is ok. If the program is destructive, which is often the case, children suffer. Therapy can help to see the program and change it gradually for the better.


    1. Your comments are getting better than my posts! Haha. But that's fine because your thoughts are very wise and accurate.

    2. Oh no, thats not true! The inspired one cannot be better than the one who inspires;) And without your inspiration I would never write my comments:)

    3. Awww...thanks so much for saying that! :D Hope my next post about my little prison will also inspire you to interesting thoughts ;)


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