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Cheers to another awesome year!!!

Year 2015 was absolutely extraordinary!!! 
No, wait a minute...let me start again.

We made year 2015 absolutely extraordinary!!! :D:D:D

We've been bold, brave and fearless in order to pursue our wildest dreams!
We travelled to -> USA <- , spent 3 months in  -> Gran Canaria <-, we developed our passions and achieve personal goals. :D 

You can read about my biggest achievement -> here <-
And if you like to hear me singing -> just click here <-

And if that would be not enough, we brought Canarian Princess from our latest trip ♥♥♥

We are waiting for you baby girl to join our Kick-Ass team! :p

Year 2015 was truly amazing!!! And there is more to come in 2016 :D

What I would like to focus on in this year? Well...I will continue what I started few year ago, which is becoming my greatest version and make my dreams come true!

  I also want to learn how to say at loud what I really mean , express my opinion regardless of the opinions of others. So help me God because I going to make some enemies, haha! :P



  1. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej! :) I was waiting for this for ages now! I am sooooooo happy for you guys! I want all the info, when are you due, how do you feel etc. etc! AND NOW! Love you!

    1. Hi Daniela! My due date is in exactly four months from today :) I was 12 weeks pregnant when we left Las Palmas and I need to say,I had just few weeks when we were there, when I was feeling nauseous and tired. But beautiful weather&warm ocean helped a lot! :D I feel great now, I have lots of energy, but maybe its because I'm very active. I still exercise regularly at the gym, practice yoga and do Crossfit with my personal trainer - Bart ♥
      And what about you? When are you due? Is Adamko going to have a baby sister or brother?

    2. Thats absolutely great to hear! :) I am so happy for you!
      I went through THE HELL of sickness and I still feel very tired and cant look at some food... :) It might stay like this forever now.. :) :) :) We should find out the gender at the end of this month and I cant wait... and my due date is 5th June but I feel it will be sooner like Adam didnt wait for his due date. :)

    3. Poor thing :*.I guess it might be hard to be a mom of toddler and expecting another child. I will keep my fingers crossed for your scan! Take care! :*


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