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With Baby Jesus in Shopping Mall

What's the true meaning of Christmas?

Recently I came across a picture of one of Banksy's graffiti, showing crucified Jesus Christ holding in his hands full bags of Christmas shopping. 
My reaction was immediate. This image fascinated me in an instant because I realized how true this picture was! 

It seems like nowadays Christmas is all about shopping, starting of 
buying gifts for our relatives, modern gadgets/toys for kids and new clothes for ourselves ( because you can't wear the same dress from last year on your Xmas party!!!) 

Then when it comes to food we go crazy mad about it! We stuffing our fridges to the brim , like there was a serious threat of nuclear attack! Ha!
Not to mention that our stomach will suffer 100 times more then our fridge ,when all the food, sooner or later ,will end up in your mouth! :P

So what's Christmas all about?

My first guesses are:

* presents
* food
* Christmas rush

Well, that looks pretty shallow, right? But when I think more about it,  few other things come to mind. 

For me Christmas is a special time when my hart melts in the warmth of the winter holiday and all grudges and resentments go aside, and all I want is to be around people I care about and wish everybody in the world all the best!!!

And what Christmas holiday means to you?



  1. I have good memories of Christmas when I was a kid. Family gatherings, friendly and funny, good food, good tv shows, gifts. I looked forward to all of that. When I grew up I started noticing the commercialization of Christmas, maybe because now I was supposed to buy the gifts;)

    So, I have similar opinion as you. There is too much deals, discounts, sales and shopping that often drown human relations. And all of that happening in this short period causing rush and tensions in people and between them. Still there is more warmth and kindness expressions during the time I think. At least as it comes to people's interactions at work and on the streets. But generally, my impression is Christmas is a kind of a burden and stress.

    Another thing is the name Christmas, suggesting some kind of relation to Jesus. But there is not too much Jesus here. He was replaced by Santa. And this is good, I think, in a strange way, because it means less hypocrisy. Jesus never promoted commercial holidays. Santa is closer to the shopping spirit of Christmas because he produces and delivers the gifts;) So if they removed Jesus out of the holidays and call them Santamas or Nickmas or maybe even better Shopsmas or something like that it would be even better. The only small problem with Santa is that he actually doesnt exist. I hope children dont read that;)

    Still, the holidays carry the name of Jesus. It means a contradiction to me so at some point I decided not to celebrate them. I agree with what you feel about Christmas and that should be the spirit but unfortunately it is not. I try to carry the spirit all year long with more or less success;)

    1. Great comment! I really appreciate what you've wrote and I really like the new expression - " Shopsmas " :p


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