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Day 87

Dear Diary,

Our big adventure in Las Palmas is nearly finish. Tomorrow is our last day :( I can't believe how fast these three months went by! It was an amazing experience to live our dream life. No hassle, no rush, just excellent weather ( mostly :P ) , beach, sea , delicious food ,and of course beautiful people we met! Our budget shrunk "a little" during these three months, but no money is too big for what we experienced!
I will definitely miss Las Palmas, in particular I'll miss our new friends, and I hope we'll see you again some day!!! Muchas gracias for everything!!! ❤ ❤ 

with love,


  1. hey, wow, so you are almost back, that went fast, but cool break from the other side where regular people toil in their everyday lives;)

  2. oh, I forgot to put my name, that was you jealous friend Marek;)


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