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In my little prison - Overthinking and Perfectionism

I wake up in the morning and thousands of thoughts run through my head.

Should I do this or that? Should I make a breakfast or do the laundry? Maybe will be better if I do this first , then that, and that...

I plan my whole day long before I get out of bed. I haven't done anything yet and I'm already tired!

 What to do? What to say? What to buy? What would be the best for me and people around me?

 Sometimes it's so difficult to make a decision!

Why? Because I always want to make the right one. I also worry what other people might think. I always look for hidden meanings in conversation, pick apart all details ,what triggers a cascade of thoughts.
 I am pretty sure that if I would act instead of thinking and trying to be perfect,  much more things could be done and created by now.

Overthinking is not productive and it does not do me any good. In fact, it holds me back from being spontaneous and creative.

So get out of your head and trust your gut! - I say to myself - because however much critical thinking you'll apply to a decision ,you may be wrong. Ha! But it doesn't matter because there is no right or wrong decision. "You could do this way, or that way , and either way will eventually get you to where you want to be". 

* * * 

A few days ago I recorded the song.
It took me few hours to rehearse, but the whole process of playing ukulele and singing made very happy. I created something and I decided to share it with the world. Without much hesitation I published it on my Youtube channel. But then something happened. 
One inconspicuous thought infected my mind. And then another one, and another, and finally I started to doubt in myself.

I shouldn't share this video. 
I'm not good enough.
I don't sing well.
I mispronounced few words! :/
What other people will think about it?

And the more I thought about it, the worse I felt. :(
Finally, I removed the video. I felt defeated by my own thoughts. And then I thought - why I think so much? Ha! Why I always want to be perfect instead of being myself?

So there is my video, uploaded again. Because it doesn't matter if it's perfect, or not. It's something I've created, and I enjoyed it! :D :D :D 



  1. Hello,

    What a great post:) I have similar problem sometimes. Add to that my laziness and things may wait for ages before they get done;) Maybe Im not that bad but as they say in every joke there is some truth.

    We need to spend some time to make a decision. To review pros and cons. Sometimes it takes more time, sometimes less, depends how serious the decision. After that we should go this or another way. We thought, we checked different options, we developed plan b, c, d... And ok thats it, time to act.

    But no, not that simple. Overthinking takes over and creates problems and barriers. And sometimes important things are not done and we are anxious.

    So, yes, your advice is very good and good example how to fight overthinking.

    And the song is great, I like your singing, maybe you should join a band. Yeah, what do you think?


    1. Thanks for your kind words about my singing :D Yeah, maybe I should join the band. That was always my dream :D


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