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Fuck all expectations

I've never been on a three-month holidays so I have no idea what I should take with me. How many nail polishes? Which dresses? How many pairs of shorts, skirts, bikinis?!!!
And when I was thinking about all those trivial things, it hit me.
 I have some many expectations about that trip that I forgot why we are doing it at the first place!

I have that whole big fat plan in my head about what I should do on my holidays:

* write a book
* blogging
* read a dozen books
* record songs
* going to the gym
* get pregnant
* find out what I want do do with my life
* make some awesome pictures
* gain popularity on Youtube...

and so on.....

And then I realized that I caught myself up in the same life I'm leaving right now. And the whole point was to do something different. To live day by day.

Planning and expectations , expectations and planning and even more expectations. For what? To prove myself that I'm cool, that I'm good enough or I'm worth something because I have a million subscribers or expecting a baby? Meh...  I want something more than blind worship of people who I have never met or approval of my family and friends.

 I just want to live in harmony with myself.

So fuck all those expectations. If I had to lie on the beach for these three months and did not lift a finger and be happy about that, so be it! :D



  1. Exactly! And a lot of sex!... to get pregnant! :) :) :)


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