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How to turn wounds into wisdom?

Yesterday I realized something. It was so obvious , but I think I was hiding that from myself for a long , long time. I thought that if I would behave in the way that everything is ok, finally it will be ok. But yesterday the truth hit me straight in to my face. 

80% of my free time I spend for personal development. And that's great because I know why I feel the way I do. I know why I'm angry with myself, why I envy ,why I'm anxious or scared or I don't appreciate myself. I've been trying different things and I came so far but still, I don't feel good with myself and that's what make me unhappy inside. 

Few days ago I came across the following article which made me I can start to love myself? How I can be polite to myself, more forgiving , and finally appreciate who I really am. 

I had promised myself I will focus more on what's NOW rather than on what WAS and I'll start to practice self love. 
How? I have no bloody idea!!!

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Journey. That will be a title for the next year starting from today.

Last year I asked myself out loud "how my life can change in a year from today?" I was open to all possibilities and I'm still amazed by the result. I didn't blog so much but that's fine. I was more present on the Instagram shearing pieces of my life with my friends and creating memories for myself.
Impossible it nothing. I experienced it again. Still waiting for the results from college but I think I can say that I finished Fashion Styling with Designer course.
Tomorrow I'm starting an internship in Primark HQ Design Department.


Sunday, 8pm and I'm still catching up on my college homework. I had 3 weeks break for Xmas but didn't do much. Ups... My entire household was under flu quarantine, except myself :) I was doing as a nurse.
Bart says I had magical powers, that keeps germs and viruses away from me. But I claim, it is just the simple power of the mind! :D Every night I listen to some positive affirmations and I guess that does the trick. And I'm pretty sure that this year I'm going to win Euromillions because of that!

Till next Sunday! 
xoxo Mags


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