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Every day can be spacial

I always wait for something special to happen ,but then I forgot about simple truth -> Every day can be special, and positive. No need to wait for something to happen, because it's happening all the time :) Life is happening now!

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  1. hello, thats a great thought! Everybody can find something exciting. Well for me the excitment is nature. People can create truly wonderful things like say ipad and thats great. But when i look at things in nature and read how they work the ipad is in comparison crude and simple. Small insects brains have more computing power than even supercomputers and all of that put into nice, miniature package. The list of nature wonders is virtually infinite. A couple of more examples in my body: heart pumps blood everyday, ears hear sonnetantz sun dont shine, eyes see sunshine, skin senses warmth, mouth tastes sweet hot chocolate, lungs breath fresh air... Thats my everyday special things:)


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