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My labour&delivery story

The plan was simple, deliver our baby girl on Monday , just after the new episode of Game of Thrones ,2 days before my due date! Haha!
But it all started on Sunday evening and after 22 hours from the first contraction I gave birth to our beautiful daughter :)

It was an incredible experience and I won't forget that for the rest of my life!

The contraction started out of the blue. At the beginning they were mild so I still had a time to prepare myself. I took a shower, I washed my hair, shaved my legs and prepared hospital bag. Everything was ready, and we were ready ,so we went to hospital because by that time the contractions were getting stronger but still manageable so after an hour or so, they sent me back home.

At home I tried to relax, I took a bath but after 2 hours the contractions got much more stronger and frequent ( every 4-5 minutes ) and I wasn't able to talk when the pain stroke so I thought - Ok this has to be it!
But again , in hospital they told me that I'm not quite ready, but this time they sent us to prenatal ward where I tried different methods to relieve the pain.
 I think I was doing very well, till around 8am when the pain was so bad , so severe that I couldn't cope anymore :(
And from this point my birth plan was compromised. I was hoping to experience medical free labour, but back then I was begging for any kind of pain relief!!!

Finally at 10:45 am I went to labour ward. I remember when midwife asked me what is my view about pain relief?  I just wanted to cry because I felt so torn! :( I imagined that I would be stronger but I was so tired and in such pain that I found it even hard to cry. So I said: please give me an epidural.
 I felt defeated and high at the same time because of gas and air! Oh man, the gas and air was even better then the hash cake in Amsterdam! Hahaha!
Anyway the midwife broke my waters and the anesthesiologist gave me an injection and finally I could relax.

Lying on a bed attached to a drip I was thinking if I could prepare myself any better for that kind of pain I've experienced?
 It was 1pm and I was already very tired, and our baby was still in my belly. I started to doubt myself, but  thanks to my husband, my midwife Emmeliene and Kail - student doctor at 7:15pm I pushed our baby girl :D And that was the easiest part compared to hours of pain without any pain killers.

I need to say that the staff in National Maternity Hospital was amazing! They went through my birth plan and till the end they tried to follow it , so I was able to touch my baby's head and see it when it went through my birth canal! :D

At the end Bart cut the umbilical cord, and we were able to examine the placenta. And because I agreed medical students to assist in my labour, we've learned a lot of things from the medical point of view.

I ended up with 3 stitches ,but I would go through the same one more time! No hesitation!

Today our gorgeous baby Zoe aka Canarian Princess is exactly 2 weeks old! :D

We are so happy that she finally joined our team :D
With her, we are even more awesome then before!!!

We love you so much Zoe ♥



  1. Definitely more awesome than ever before. 😉 She is absolutely adorable!💖 I am do proud of were copying so well for so long and As I told you... the epidural helped me to survive and I believe that our generation is lucky to have an option of this help and we don't have to go through what our mums had to...and hopefully, our daughters will have is a bit easier too. 😉 And you are absolutely right, pushing is the easiest part...😉

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :* I hope we'll meet soon to discuss your second time! :D


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