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Living abroad make you feel "countryless".

Almost 8 years ago I  moved from Poland to Ireland. It's seems like ages, and yet, after so many years leaving abroad I feel like I'm "countryless".
I was born in Poland and I spend there most of my life, but I don't feel like I'm belong to Poland. I'm not homesick, and in fact every year I feel a little bit less polish because of Western Europe influence.
So I ask myself: " Who does that make me?"

Well, I prefer to think about myself as an inhabitant of Europe. And now , when European borders are open , thanks to EU ( European Union ), we are closer and more open minded as countries&people then ever before in history.

In Dublin for instance you can easily meet people from all over the old continent by just walking through streets, and that is so cool! And wherever I travel I can hear polish language. :)
So maybe next time if somebody asks me where I come from I will proudly say : I come from Europe!

Do you miss your country while living abroad?
Are you planning to come back to your homeland someday?
Share your opinion!



  1. You already know I miss my home all the time. :) It seems like yesterday and it has been 10 years now when I left but I WILL go back one day...


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