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6 weeks postpartum - the real story

After leaving the hospital the third nipple ( hemorrhoid)  was my biggest concern, but then I saw it! And I had to google straight away "how vagina looks like" ,because I was puzzled.
I said puzzled? Sorry! I was terrified! And I haven't looked there for another two weeks!
Then I finally got the courage to check the situation again, but unfortunately nothing has changed! WTF! I've been doing Kegel exercise since the second day after birth!
 I got 3 stitches and I thought I will be pretty tight down there ,but it turns out that giant meteorite left giant destruction! Sex is out of the picture for a while!

Baby blues? Well...guess.
Hemorrhoids , gaping hole, marathon feeding, sore nipples, general exhaustion... You name it!
 I cried, I was tired, I was angry, frustrated, depressed, but then I sucked it up and repeated like a mantra : THIS IS MY FIRST AND LAST BABY!!!

And here I am, 6 weeks and 2 days after Zoe has been born, asking my husband if he would consider another baby in the future!!! LOL!

What helped us to survive those 6 weeks:

1. Humor! 

2. New Parents Pack from the Pure Kitchen

3. Mei Tai - baby carrier

4. Co-sleeping

PS: If you are interested in baby wearing, check out Billies website! She gave us a workshop on how to ''wear'' our baby girl and helped to decide which sling was right for us :D



  1. Ps, sorry, I meant Steve Jobs was a poor father. Well he was a billionaire but a bad father;)

  2. hey, you write in an entertaining way;) I like your honesty and humor. Never had kids of my own maybe because of my family background. But I thought about what it means to have children often. And it means a lot of work and commitment. Your posts show it clearly;) I know if I ever decided to be father I would have to change the focus of my life completely. I dont think Im ready now. Am I saying no to having kids? Of course not. But enough about me.

    I think you are doing great job as mom and dad. First of all, I dont know too many, if any, couples that were so well prepared to be parents. You had been together several years before you decided to get pregnant. So you did well as a couple first and only then you decided, yes decided to expand your team. It was your decision, not a surprise. Amazingly some people are still surprise that they get pregnant after sex;)

    Before the decision you gathered a lot of information on how to raise kids. You did your best to make sure what were a baby's needs and how to satisfy them. That was a great start.

    Now Zoe has arrived. And she is so cute. And those eyes;) She is also a lot of work. She needs a lot of time and energy. And it could be exausting! But is it worth it? Probably sometimes it may not seem that way. But then as you say you ask Bartek: what about having another baby? That sums it up. It's hard work but it's rewarding. When Zoe is happy, when she smiles, when she grows and you connecting. I think it's most important job to be a parent because you shape a new human being. People are proud that they created some cool and genius product, like lets say, iphone but at the same time they could be lousy parents. Reading Steve Jobs bio now, and he was not a poof father. His daughter Lisa would have appreciated him being better dad than having an iphone or other gagdets.

    Life shows that the happiness of kids depends much on parents example and care. They dont shape themselves. They are “products” of their parents hard work and effort. And you are doing just that;)



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