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Body Image: Loving Your Body During Pregnancy

Accepting my body image was always a problem for me.
 Looking back, there was always something I would like to change in the way I looked ,from my hair, face to whole body! 
And now, when I'm pregnant and my body is changing so rapidly, there is no time to complain, ha!
 Every week I look slightly different. My belly is growing, my breast are getting bigger and bigger , my face is changing and every time I step up on the scales, it shows bigger number!

It might be hard to have positive body image during pregnancy,especially nowadays, where "the perfect body" is desired by most of us.

But growing a human being inside my body is a great reason to embrace and celebrate the changes, and I look forward to the challenge of giving birth to my baby girl! 

And here's what I do to love my body image during pregnancy:

1. I exercise.

That help me to stay strong and feel sexy. 

2. I style myself.

I try to dress fashionably.
 I also invested into key pieces like maternity jeans and trousers.
 Maternity clothes might be expensive but believe me, you don't need much!
For t-shirts I go with larger size, and that works fine for me :)

3. I eat well.

That helps me to gain the weight gradually and get the right nutrition, which gives me energy to take care of myself ♥

4. I take care of myself.

I rest when I need to, and every time I go out, I put my make up on and style my hair. 

5. I have a good support network.

This one is the most important for me!
 I surround myself with positive people who understand all changes pregnant women is going through.



  1. I am trying to do everything you say. :) Only I dont exercise.... if you dont count running around Adam... carrying him up and down 4 sets of stairs and so on... :D I am missing a lot of rest I wish for.... but other than that... everything under the control... :D

    1. Yeah,I think you can definitely count that as an exercise!:D


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